English speaking wedding host

After having managed 6 bilingual weddings in this season, I am happy to announce that my service has become available in English language, too. Guest comes from all around the world and the goal is to show them our Hungarian sprit and our lovely habits which make the Big Day uniqe and unforgettable. It does not matter how many foreign guests come, I gladly translate every part of the wedding and involve them in our  habits. The outcome of my job is that they can enjoy every moment of the wedding and they return home with a joyful memory in their hearts. If I have some time between the programs, I usually talk with them about their story with the couple and it happens at this time that they express their gratitude for my job.

If you are planning a wedding in Hungary and you want to share the time of your life with your friends from abroad,  do not hesitate to contact me and let us find the best solution together for the special needs of your wedding.